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Visualization & Design Tech.
Public Service

Interactive Media and Animation Educator
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Nat Schwartz is a highly motivated and passionate educator and creative with more then twenty years of teaching experience. His thirty plus years of computer animation, interactive media and video post production experience, has provided keen insights into the demands of the market and the workplace.

Nat Schwartz has the synergistic combination of extensive commercial production and management, dozens of years teaching media as well as multiple assignments as Department Chairpersons. His classes are filled with excitement, humor, a wealth of knowledge and experience. Projects represent real world challenges with a focus on each student developing a uniquely personal skill set.

Nat has held full time faculty as well as multiple appointments as Department Chairperson, in addition to a wide variety of creative projects.

Excellence in Research and Planning
Decades of Industry and Academic Expertise
Passion, Humor and Wisdom  
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