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Nat Schwartz
Nat Schwartz
Creative Director of NatMax
Lifelong Educator

For more than three decades, Nat Schwartz has been developing an intimate knowledge of Digital Media, Interactive Design and Motion Graphics. Nat has earned an AA in Computer Graphics, a BFA in Communication Arts and an MFA in 3D Animation.

Nat has built an expertise in production and the education of Digital Media, working from preproduction using traditional illustration, the graphic design process and producing 2D and 3D animation. Through commercial and academic career choices, he has developed an in-depth understanding of both the technical as well as the creative aspects of digital media development.

As an academic Nat has earned appointments as professor, curriculum writer and as chairperson for both the Animation and Digital Media departments. As the chairperson of the Animation Department he coordinated the rewrite of both a BFA and MFA animation curriculums, where he wrote curriculum and hired instructors.

In addition to managing college departments, he has maintained an active teaching career as a lecturer at University of Miami (18 years), International Fine Arts College (9 years) and Miami Ad School (10 years).

As an artist he has held positions from animator, technical director, senior animator, video editor, art director and interactive designer. Commercial media production experience includes interactive interface design, design and programming of a massive interactive educational systems and animation and motion graphics for commercial and non-profit organizations.

Commercial experience also included the design and the managed execution of multiple large digital media facilities.

Excellence in Research and Planning
Decades of Industry and Academic Expertise
Passion, Humor and Wisdom  
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