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Industry and Design Experience

NatMax experience includes extensive expertise with digital media tools including; 3D Computer Animation, Special Effects, Video Editing, Flash, Interactive Multimedia, Photo Manipulation and Graphic Design. He currently is the Art director at Thinkspeed, inc. a company he founded to create photo-realistic 3D animation.NatMax provides each student with individual attention to find their way to express their individual ideas. He poses the exceptional gift to communicate, inspire and motivate every student and turn every class into a an exciting roller coaster of new ideas and real word techniques.

NatMax provides custom services to meet the special needs of both his education commitments and all many client relationships. Such services have included virtual historic reconstruction and preservation, sun studies, natural versus artificial light studies and media repurposing to deliver on most every platform (print, Internet, 3D animation, DVD, VHS video tape, etc.).

NatMax specializes in maximizing the quality of each delivery medium. From large format photo quality printed images and broadcast/HD quality 3D animations and motion graphics. His strengths have included going the last mile to take stunning virtual images and transform them into effective marketing materials, by adding detailed information and excellent delivery format. He has delivered broadcast video, highly-interactive CD-ROM/DVD, photo-quality print art, and cutting edge internet web sites including the use of Macromedia Flash interactive animations.  
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